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Should You Accept the Job Offer?

Congratulations!  You were offered a job!  This is a significant accomplishment!  If you are not currently working, you may jump at the opportunity.  However, if you already have a job then you have a decision to make.  You need to determine if it makes sense to accept this offer or if it would be better for you to stick with your current position.  This can be a difficult decision because you don't want to be faced with regrets later.  Here are some factors to consider when evaluating the offer:

The organizational culture.  Organizational culture includes the values of the company and the way that people behave and interact at work.  Is it a corporate environment?  Does the organization value innovation and creativity?  Does the company stress maintaining a healthy work-life balance or will you be pressured to put in 60 hour weeks?  You will be much happier at work if you find a company with values that are similar to your own.   

Financial implications.  Changing your job is stressful and it's risky if you are moving from a position that is fairly secure to one where you are on a three month probationary period.  You want to make sure that it makes sense financially for you to take this step.  What will be the take home salary in this job, as compared with what you are earning now?  What will be the difference in benefits or perks?  Will you have to take on additional expenses to do this job, such as childcare or commuting costs?  Once you take everything into consideration, you would hope that you will have more money in your pocket and not less.     

Your career goals.  You will be much more successful in your career if you are working from some sort of plan.  Where do you see yourself in five years?  What do you need to do now to reach that goal?  When deciding whether or not to accept a job, consider what skills you will gain through this experience and what doors that will open for you in the future.

Your daily routine.  Try to visualize your day-to-day life working in this job.  What time will you wake up every morning?  How long will it take you to get to work?  What will your time at work be like?  What time will you arrive home?  Will you be working on evenings and weekends?  Will you be expected to answer your phone and respond to emails after hours?  All of these factors will have an impact on your family and on your quality of life so they need to be considered.

Your intuition.  When you are making any big decision in your career, you have to trust your gut.  How does this opportunity make you feel?  Are you excited or do you feel a sense of dread?  If the job doesn't feel right, let it go.  Your subconscious mind may be picking up on something that your conscious mind isn't.  Have enough faith in yourself to wait for a job that makes you excited.

These decisions are tough because there are always unknown variables like if you are going to be let go from your current job or if you will be offered another job next week.  You can only make a decision based on what you know.  Make a choice and don't look back.  If it doesn't work out as you had hoped, there will always be other opportunities.


(Written by Karen Bivand, Image by