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Services for Employers

Job Postings, Recruitment and Placement Support

Are you an employer? Tropicana Employment Centre has services for you too!

Funded by the Ontario government, Tropicana Employment Centre offers services for eligible employers in the GTA including job postings, training incentives, recruitment services and workplace support.

Tropicana Employment Centre helps employers with their staffing needs by offering:

  • Free Job Posting Service
    Employers benefit from free job postings of full-time and part-time positions on the Tropicana Employment Centre website and in our resource centre. 
  • Recruitment and Placement of Pre-screened Candidates
    Job developers assist employers to identify their staffing skills requirements and then match the position and workplace requirements to participants' skills, capabilities, interests and experience.  Tropicana Employment Centre also offers support with on-the-job training development plans.
  • Job Trials
    Tropicana Employment Centre offers a job trial period for prospective employees at no cost to employers so that employers can assess an applicant before placing them on payroll.
  • Training Incentives
    Tropicana Employment Centre may be able to offer employers financial incentives to offset the costs of providing on-the-job training including apprenticeship training, work experience opportunities and skills assessments for participants on job trials.
  • Workplace Support
    Tropicana Employment Centre provides ongoing support in the workplace by monitoring job placements with the participant and the employer.  Tropicana Employment Centre offers support in identifying and resolving workplace issues with the participant that may impact the employer's ability to meet business goals.
  • Employee Training
    Tropicana Employment Centre offers many workshops for current employees such as Customer Service Excellence training, Cash Register training, ServSafe: Food Handler training and Smart Serve training.
  • Canada-Ontario Job Grant 
    The Canada-Ontario Job Grant provides direct financial support for employers who wish to purchase training for their workforce.

For more information please review our Frequently Asked Questions.  To register as an employer, please contact Tropicana Employment Centre and ask to speak with a Job Developer.