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Is Stress Impacting Your Job Search?

Looking for a job can be exciting.  You never know which company might invite you in for an interview and the possibilities are endless.  However, when your job search is not going well, the whole process can be physically, emotionally and financially draining.  The problem is that once the stress starts to wear you down, it becomes much more difficult for you to stay positive, which makes it even less likely that you will be successful.  It is a vicious cycle but if you are aware of it you can put on the brakes.  Here are some tips that will help you manage the job search process without g

Should You Go Back to School?

Job Hunting on a Budget

Looking for a job is difficult for everyone, but trying to live without an income introduces a whole new level of stress.  Here are some tips that will help you meet this challenge without becoming bankrupt:

Access free services.  There is a multitude of non-profit employment centres that can assist you with your job search. Tropicana Employment Centre provides assistance with labour market research, resumes and cover letters, interview skills, as well as placements and introductions to employers.

Should You Accept a Job at Minimum Wage?

Currently in Ontario, minimum wage is $11.25/hour, but in October 2016, it will be going up to $11.40/hour.  Since it is difficult to make a living on minimum wage, some people wonder if it’s worth taking the job.  Here are three good reasons to accept a job at minimum wage:

You are earning an income.  Depending on your financial situation, you may require some kind of income, however small.  If that’s the case for you, a minimum wage position can allow you to take care of your basic necessities while you work on your career plan.

Start a Career in HR

Start a Career in HR

If you are good with people, human resources is an excellent career option.  Every organization requires a human resources professional in at least some capacity.  However, since it is a competitive industry, it can be difficult to break into it.  Here are some tips that will help you start your career in HR:

How to Use March Break to Get a Job

How to Use March Break to Get a Job

When you are a student, March Break is a beautiful time of year.  The snow is starting melt, Spring is just around the corner and you have a week to do whatever you want.  Why not put this free time to use.  Whether you are going to be looking for a summer job, or a full time career after graduation, March Break is the perfect opportunity to get a head start on your job search.

How Employers Choose a Candidate

After sending out resume after resume with no response, you might start to wonder “WHY ISN’T ANYBODY CALLING ME????”  The truth is that it is a competitive market.  With so many people looking for a job, it can be tough to stand out.  It might help to try to see it from the employer’s point of view.  How does an employer choose one candidate above the rest:

Resume Deal Breakers

You invest so much time into your resume.  You spend hours writing it and customizing it for each position and once it’s ready, you spend a lot of time finding places to send it.  If there are problems with your resume, all of this time will be wasted because your resume will be quickly discarded.  Here is a list of common mistakes that job seekers make with their resumes.  By eliminating these errors on your resume, you can make sure that it gets the consideration that it deserves:

LinkedIn Do's and Don'ts

Job Search

ID-100260921 You have heard that LinkedIn is a powerful social networking tool, but are you actually tapping into its potential?  LinkedIn is an amazing (and free) opportunity to connect with people in your industry.  When used effectively, LinkedIn can give you the ear of decision makers and it can allow you to present yourself as an expert in your field.  However, in order to get any benefit out of LinkedIn, you need to approach it in t

What a Young Person Brings to the Job

Young Person

ID-100356960Being new to the job market can be extremely intimidating.  You look at your competitors with much more experience and you begin to wonder why anyone would ever choose you.  However, you do have advantages that you may not even be aware of.  Here are some of the benefits of being young when you are trying to find a job: Understan